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MC13213-SRB and acquisition...

Discussion created by Francois DUGUE on May 16, 2007
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Hi all.
I'm Iko, from France (sorry for my english ^^)
I try to have information from various phone service but i don't find something...
I think i'll buy this dev kit (13213-SRN) for my application.
I try to send sensor value with zigbee. My sensor is a Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR: made by INTERLINK), it's like a various resistor.
In the comercial document, it's say "...The boards can also bypass the acceleration sensor to develop customized applications."
Then i have two questions.
First. Can i use this device to develop a card for acquire and send my sensor value? (the 10bit adc is correct for me) 
Second: Has i saw in various discuss, Transmittion rate is like "one data pack" by 1ms ?
Thancks for all your informations.
Beast regards.