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i.MX53 IPU VDI Channel path

Discussion created by Mohamed Adbul Cader on Mar 22, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2012 by Gao Jianzhong

Dear all,

i.MX53 IPU supports many channel paths as mentioned below where VDI involves.
1. CSI –> VDI –> MEM
2. MEM –> VDI –> MEM
3. MEM –> VDI –> IC –> MEM
4. CSI –> VDI –> IC –> MEM
5. and so on.
We want to validate the second channel path (MEM –> VDI –> MEM ) mentioned above which is applicable for type of de-interlace application.
Please let us know MEM –> VDI –> MEM path is tested and if so, please provide the test application which just read from interlaced video file and outputs the de-interlaced video in another file.

Please share the idea or any one did the same.

Thanks in Advance.