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Input capture on HC908JL16

Discussion created by Marilena Nardelli on May 10, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by Ajay Singh
Hi everybody,

I'm using HC908JL16. One channel of the modulo timer I'm using with input capture function. The TIM is programmed to capture on rising and falling edge, I need to measure the duty cycle of a PWM signal.
I've already wrote the code for the interrupt service routine (ISR), and it works fine. However I've observed a strange behavior, when I power, without to apply signal on that pin, the execution of the code go inside the ISR, it do that only the first time. Later, when I apply the PWM signal, the execution of the code is right.
I've observed that using the PCB stand-alone and by using inDART.
I'm curious to know if someone can explain me what happens.
Thank you too much.