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i.MX28 EVK - Need help configuring and bring up USB OTG as Device

Discussion created by Jay William Stubblefield on Mar 6, 2012
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Hi All,

  I have a i.MX28 EVK Rev. D board. I need the USB OTG port to operate as a device. I initially want to have this work as a mass storage device using part of the SD card. Eventually, I'd like to make this a composite device (Mass Storage and Communications). I have Linux L2.6.35.3 loaded on the board. I've followed the instructions concerning configuring LTIB for USB in Ch. 24 of the "i.MX28 EVK Linux" manual. I get errors as displayed in the attachment when I bring up the board. I don't know what it means, but it doesn't look good for USB! I don't think the PC enumerates the USB port when I plug it in. What else do I need to do, besides properly configuration of the kernel, to get USB up and working? I'm just not sure where to start. What code do I need to write to use the built in Linux USB Gadget drivers, or how do I configure them?  Any input would be appreciated.