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i.MX508 EPD controller interface

Discussion created by Bardo Mueller on Feb 21, 2012
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I am looking for info on the interface to the EPD controller in the Nook Touch and Sony PRS-T1.

Both use the  i.MX508, but seen from the Java interface, use different drivers. The Nook uses separate calls into a N2EpdController function, the Sony adds an updatemode parameter to its display functions. At some point a JNI interface passes the control to the kernel.

Does anyone know if there is a standard way/code available to steer the EPD controller in the  i.MX508?

If the makers of eReaders also modify the kernel, I think the case is lost, otherwise there would be a possibility to write a common Java interface for eReaders using this chip family.

With your information, you could bring e-ink a step further by assisting app developers with suitable WebKit/WebView classes.

KR Bardo