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Kernel 2.6.38 on the QSB

Discussion created by Marcus Maller on Feb 7, 2012
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Hi all,

did anybody have success with the 2.6.38 kernel from the ltib on the QSB?


I have compiled and installed it on one QSB. (Of course together with the correct bootloader).


The boards starts up fine - however there are some problems:

- There is no way to use an LCD with a TTL interface (e.g. SEIKO WVGA). Even though the correct boot parameters are used (the same as for the 2.6.35 kernel) there is no output on the LCD.

- The SGTL5000 sound does not work correctly. Even after patching some power rail problems it does not work correctly. It is possible to playback audio, however the output is distorted.