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iMX31 boot problem

Question asked by Kvetoslav Benda on Apr 23, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2010 by CrasyCat
I have problem with linux booting on board iMX31. I'm using LTIB pack from freescale webpage. Installation and compilation the pack was without problem. After downloading is printed "Uncompressing Linux.......done, booting the kernel." and its all. I trayed both version LTIB imx31ads_20060709 and imx31ads_20070128 and effect is same.

I find that R1 (there is stored machine number) is wasted in macro ENABLE_L2_CACHE in file "proc-v6.S". Next problem is in MMU enabling.

I tested this linux on board IMX31ADS, now I have LITEKIT with patch for this kit.

I must doing something wrong. Patches and config file using from LTIB. Only for LITEKIT I disable USB, video, sound, network etc in config and enable support for LITEKIT.

Who has this kit and linux booting without problem, please write here your experience.

Thanks BENN.