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Discussion created by Masahiro Uchida on Feb 1, 2012
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Hello everyone,


I have fixed Qt 4.8.0 phonon to be able to use i.MX53 FSL-MMCODEC.

    patches: ltib-qt480.tar.bz2


My settings are :

  # LTIB version

        L11.09.01 (patched 201112)

  #  no X11, use QWS

        fb0: DI1[VGA display],  fb1:DI0[SEIKO WVGA] 

  # no webkit

  # opengl es1 enable (not tested)


but, I have found some problems:

  # It is very slow to play video on start up because the color conversion of mfw_ipucsc is very slow. 

  # mfw_ipucsc only supports 16-bit.


I will keep working to solve them for a while.

Which is better, fix gst-fsl-plugin or create a qt widget using native gst ?


Well, see you again.