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CPU cycles vs. Instruction cycles vs. BUS cycles vs. Oscillator cycles

Discussion created by Lou Calkins on Apr 18, 2007
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I am migrating from another micro to the HCS08AW32 processor and I wanted to be sure I know how the clocks work.  From what I gather in the manual, if I have an external 4 MHz resonator, and my ICGC2 register is set to divide by 1, I think I have IGCOUT of 4 MHz, right?  The block diagram shows that connecting directly to the CPU block, so can I assume that instructions are running with an instruction cycle time of 250 nS (i.e. 4 MHz)?  Or is the 4 MHz divided down such that a CPU cycle is more than one oscillator cycle?  My CodeWarrior debugger shows what I think is BUSCLK cycles which is IGCOUT/2 or 2 MHz.  But it looks like BUSCLK is used by internal peripherals like the TPM, so I am not sure what the speed of a CPU cycle is.  Can someone get me straight on this?  Thanks