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LTIB for mpc8349itx

Question asked by jdepedro jdepedro on Apr 18, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2012 by Parag Rao
I want to make a hello driver for this platform using LTIB.

First, I execute this commands to get the kernel source and to compile the kernel

./ltib -p kernel -m prep
./ltib -p kernel -m scbuild

Now I get the kernel source in rpm/BUILD/linux

I create a subdir rpm/BUILD/test with two files: test.c (my hello driver) and Makefile (attached with extension  .txt)

To compile the driver, I use LTIB in shell mode:

./ltib -m shell
LTIB>cd rpm/BUILD/test

But the compiler fail because it can't found <platforms/83xx/mpc8349_itx.h> (this file exist) in the linux kernel source (attached the file result.txt with the output of the make command).

What is the problem? How to build a driver using the LTIB?

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