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16k Flash Arrays Self-Erased (split of thread "HC12DG128A jumps to wrong adress")

Discussion created by Matthias Wetzel on Apr 16, 2007
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We are developing products based on the (very old) MC912DG128ACPVE.

We are facing a 10-30% failure rate on our boards: One or two pages (16k flash arrays) got self-erased after programming with supplier's IC-Tester. Reprogramming these boards is possible.

Erased pages: 0x4000-0x7FFF and/or 0x8000-0xBFFF. Once also the unprotected part of Page 1 (0x8000-9FFF) was erased.

Processor Description:
z.B. QQJL0622 / QQHE0601
I didn't find a direct relationship to the errata.pdf.

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kef (Trusted Contributor):
Hm, 10-30% of bad boards, are you using external memory? Bad flash programming algorithm?
".. one or two pages got lost .." . Does it mean one of 32k flash array got self erased ? If so then check how fast does oscilator start up. Make sure that /RESET is kept low while oscilator isn't stable.




We do not use external memory. Flash programming algorithm is years old:

  • Executed from RAM (copied at startup of bootloader)
  • --> Attachment.

Your comment to /RESET and oscillator ... We'll check.

Thank you very much.

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