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Urgent Help Needed with Debugger Command Scripts Assigning Values to Type double

Question asked by Marv DeBeque on Apr 13, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2007 by CrasyCat
I am writing some command scripts for our verification process when I ran into a stumbling block.  In the script we need to set some variables to specific values and then execute the program.  Everything works pretty well, except I am unable to set program variables that are declared as type double.  I.e.,
double mumbo;
In the command script I have:
A mumbo = 0
A mumbo = 0.0
all generate the same error:
Error: unknown variable   ^

The ^ sign is placed after the equal sign in the expression and seems to point to an issue with the assignment.  Furthermore, I can examine the variable fine from the command script, so I think it recognizes the variables, but I can not assign any values to type double.

I tried doubles that are global and local and the results are the same, so it does not appear to be a scope issue.  I have structures that contain mixed types and I can set any member as long as it is not a double.

How do I do this?  We are just getting ready for verification of our program and are up against a schedule crunch.


Thanks in advance,