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Add USB CDC_NCM device driver and gadget driver to L2.6.35_11.09.01_ER BSP -blog archive

Discussion created by Qiang Li - Mpu Se Employee on Jan 4, 2012
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    USB NCM driver was supported from Linux 3.0 kernel, attached patch "usb_cdc_ncm.patch" is a back porting for USB CDC NCM support from Linux 3.1.5 kernel.

    For LTIB BSP L2.6.35_11.09.01_ER, after applied the patch, we need config the kernel to select the USB NCM driver for both host and gadget.

    In my test, I used two iMX boards, one works as USB host, another works as the USB NCM gadget.

Original Attachment has been moved to: usb_cdc_ncm.patch.zip