Andrej Novak

Problem with Debug in CW for DSC56800/E v.8.0

Discussion created by Andrej Novak on Apr 3, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2007 by Erich Styger
I'm using a free version of CW for DSC56800/E v.8.0, and I would like to solve my problem which occurs when I try to "Debug" any of CodeWarrior_Examples. I allways get a message:

"CSSProtocolPlugin: CSS: Command Converter not present."

I had some problems with CW for HC12 in the past, and it disapeared after instalation of new license file (obtained from Metrowerks). Is this the same case?

Any suggestion?

SW: CW for DSC56800/E v.8.0
Target: MC56F8013
Installed plugins: see attached .zip