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NAND / boot / efuses

Discussion created by Noel Vellemans on Dec 1, 2011
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Hi all,


I'm having some questions, please read on.


I would like to interface a NAND flash with the IMX53, when using the IO-MUX_tool I get the recommendation of connecting this NAND-flash to the PATA_DATA_xx pins , but while looking in the KERNEL-sources 2.6.35.x there seems to be none of the eval-boards that has the NAND connected to the PATA_DATA_xx pins but in stead of PATA_DATA_xx but EIM_DAxx used.

Is there any particular reason for this ?


Anyone succeeded in booting the IMX53 from NAND?

If so, I wonder if you have a 'tool' to create a valid NAND-flash-image (ref to NAND-FCB and NAND-DBBT format, page 500/501 ref manual).


Is there a known-working u-boot that boots from NAND, and that has USB support as well?


Is there any one that has a 'FUSE-tool' that allows me to blow-efuses, that is relative safe?

Because I see, that may of you have been having troubles (which means breaking boards) while 'expirimenting' with efuses.


Thank You,