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iMX51 EVK Board issue when accessing RAM

Discussion created by Nicolas Moniez on Oct 31, 2011
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Dear all,


Thank you for reading my post.

I just have downloaded and compiled the latest u-boot from Freescale’s website (11.09.01 version), and I have RAM issues.


When booting on the iMX51 EVK, the command “mw 90000000 a5 100000” results in a crash.

In a similar way, if I do the following sequence : “mw 90000000 a5 40000” followed by “mw 91000000 a5 40000”, the board crashes. If I do the same sequence, but in the reverse order, I get no crash.


Could someone confirm that he is experiencing the same issues with u-boot? What could fix this issue?


Thank you and best regards,