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MX53 u-boot Splash Screen support

Discussion created by John Birch Employee on Sep 23, 2011
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The folowing is from uboot_mx5x.pdf (in BSP MX53-L2.6.35_11.05.01_ER)


 5.5 Splash screen support

Splash screen is off by default. If need to show a splash screen on lcd panel, you should add it yourself.
1. In config file, enable splash screen.

then splash screen feature is now enabled.

2.How to change splash image.
Currently, we use converted image in board/freescale/common/fsl_bmp_600x400.c.

In order to change splash image, user need to:
•Prepare an bmp image for display, better to be 600x400. Other resolutions need to modify more source.
•Convert it to .c file. Pls ask us for
•Put converted bmp.c to board/freescale/common/fsl_bmp_600x400.c.
•Modify Makefile to build it.
COBJS-${CONFIG_VIDEO_MX5} += my_bmp.o