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MX23 EVK Rev B

Discussion created by Terry Lai on Jun 20, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2013 by shanmugamsundar

Hello all,


I have a problem to launch the EVK Board (Rev B) when ADB port (USB device mode) is used and MMC card slot is used.


There is an error message when booting up:

stmp3xxx_request_pin: CONFLICT DETECTED pin 2:1 caller mmc owner usb
stmp3xxx-mmc stmp3xxx-mmc.1: MMC HW configuration failed
stmp3xxx-mmc: probe of stmp3xxx-mmc.1 failed with error -16
stmp3xxx-dcp stmp3xxx-dcp: DCP crypto enabled.!


Could anyone tell me how to solve it?