Balaji Venkatachalam

Linux-2.6.35 Kernel OOPs on inserting WallInput

Discussion created by Balaji Venkatachalam on Jun 16, 2011

Following is the OOPs message that I get when I insert a wall adapter to my I.MX233 custom board running on Lithium Ion Battery.


Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 0000001d
pgd = c3490000
[0000001d] *pgd=43c69031, *pte=00000000, *ppte=00000000
Internal error: Oops: 1 [#1] PREEMPT
last sysfs file: /sys/kernel/uevent_seqnum
Modules linked in:
CPU: 0    Not tainted  ( #1)
PC is at regulator_is_enabled+0x8/0x4c
LR is at state_machine_work+0x9c/0x228
pc : [<c01b44e8>]    lr : [<c02630a0>]    psr: a0000013
sp : c3c2ff68  ip : 00000000  fp : c34da964
r10: 00000000  r9 : c34da968  r8 : c3c2ff94
r7 : c0263004  r6 : c34da964  r5 : c34da800  r4 : ffffffed
r3 : 00000000  r2 : ffff9e50  r1 : ffff9e83  r0 : ffffffed
Flags: NzCv  IRQs on  FIQs on  Mode SVC_32  ISA ARM  Segment kernel
Control: 0005317f  Table: 43490000  DAC: 00000017
Process events/0 (pid: 5, stack limit = 0xc3c2e270)
Stack: (0xc3c2ff68 to 0xc3c30000)
ff60:                   c34da93c c34da800 c34da964 c02630a0 c3c00640 c3c2e000
ff80: c3c00648 c0263004 c3c2ff94 c005a504 c04862e4 00000000 c3c20b80 c005df30
ffa0: c3c2ffa0 c3c2ffa0 c3c00640 c3c23f60 c3c2ffd4 c005a380 c3c00640 00000000
ffc0: 00000000 00000000 00000000 c005dbf8 00000000 00000000 c3c2ffd8 c3c2ffd8
ffe0: 00000000 c3c23f60 c005db80 c002e8dc 00000013 c002e8dc 55555555 55555555
[<c01b44e8>] (regulator_is_enabled+0x8/0x4c) from [<c02630a0>] (state_machine_work+0x9c/0x228)
[<c02630a0>] (state_machine_work+0x9c/0x228) from [<c005a504>] (worker_thread+0x184/0x238)
[<c005a504>] (worker_thread+0x184/0x238) from [<c005dbf8>] (kthread+0x78/0x80)
[<c005dbf8>] (kthread+0x78/0x80) from [<c002e8dc>] (kernel_thread_exit+0x0/0x8)
Code: baffffef e8bd81f0 e92d4070 e1a04000 (e5900030)
---[ end trace 73db206b5656567a ]---


Any solution/pointer/suggestions welcome.