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Trouble with new design using DSP56F805

Question asked by Christopher Stuart on Dec 29, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2007 by Christopher Stuart
I created a design using the DSPF805 processor about 5 years ago. It worked fine and never had any problems. I just created a new design using the same DSP (now 5 years later) and neither test board works. When I try to connect to the DSP through the JTAG port I get "Core is not responding" I thought this was going to be a simple thing because I have already used this DSP before. I have triple checked all the connections, VCC, GND levels....everything around the chips seems to be fine. When I hold it in reset I get the crystal oscillator output signal on the CLKO pin...and the oscilator section is working fine. Its just like is is sitting there with some simple stupid reason for not communicating with the software. It is a different chip revision, but I can't hardly imagin that would be the reason...could it? There does not seem to be any major change in the Irrata documentation. Now I am dead in the water with a project that is way overdue. Any input would be appreciated!