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MCF52223EVB Help

Discussion created by Nicholas Cooke on Dec 18, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2006 by olivierm olivierm
Hi all
AM a newbie on this dev board - have installed hte CodeWarrior dev studio and got the MyProj up and trucking using Stationery. I have got the LEDs on as per function calls in the rel ....evb.c source.
I am trying to fathom out the rest of teh source code that is provided and how one can implement this in order to get going with interrupts etc - such as for when the switches are pressed.
Does one have to do any specific includes and if so what files. I see the code for the vector table, the int handlers and the calls to the switch handlers but cannot fathom all this out as I used a simple printf statement in the sw handler to show that the switch was pressed - nada - so I am obviously doing something very wrong.
Does one have to call the mcf5xxxx_init function first or a specific set of functions for setting the board up.
I am ultimately wanting to do some USB stuff - is the USB BETA code the way to go or is there a specific set of code available that will asist in getting a stack going without having to reinvent the wheel so to speak.
Many thanks