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SIM_PCE ghost register

Discussion created by Josh Jordan on Dec 7, 2006
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here is an excerpt from the MCF5213 reference manual refering to normal ADC power mode.

1. Normal power mode
This mode operates when:
— At least one ADC converter is powered up (PD0 or PD1=0 in the POWER register);
— Both auto power-down and auto standby modes are disabled (APD=0, ASB=0 in
— The ADC’s clock is enabled (ADC=1 in the SIM module’s SIM_PCE register).

I am having trouble making the ADC work I suspect because I never set the ADC bit in the SIM_PCE register. The problem is, I cant find it anywhere! A search only finds references to this ghost module in the ADC section. A search for SIM_PCE in the include directory finds nothing. What do they mean by SIM_PCE and how come this particular string only shows up in the section describing the ADC? If there actually were a SIM_PCE register wouldn't it be described in detail somewhere? I would gladly set this bit if I could find it. Is something very simple completely going over my head?

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