Lichen Wang

Minimum tools for HCS08 chips

Discussion created by Lichen Wang on Dec 6, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2007 by Albert Van Veen

I intend to try HCS08 family of chips and start with a “M68DEMO908GB60” demo board. I do have PC with editor, Multi-meter, Oscilloscope, soldering iron, etc. My question is, at a minimum, what else do I need?

I only intend to write a few KB of code and I can use assembler (but c compiler is okay with me too). What do I need at a minimum?

I will also need to load the code generated by the assembler (or compiler) into the Flash memory of the chip (but breakpoint, single step etc. are okay with me too).  The demo board has a BDM port and my PC has USB, parallel, as well as serial ports. What do I need at a minimum?

Sorry to bother everyone with such trivial questions. I searched but could not find a definitive answer.