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HC12: usb bdm communicaiton dropping

Question asked by Fadi Bassil on Dec 5, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2007 by Karim Roukoz

I bought 5 Freescale educational kits for the Lebanese American University. The kits consist each of a PBMCUSLK Project board (AXM-0392 Rev.B) and a child board (APS12XDT512SLK). Codewarrior for HC(S)12 v4.5 Academic Edition (CWX-H12-STDED-CA) is also supplied.

The Project Board comes with the usb-ml-12 USB debugger. in the documentation it is stated that there is a jumper to select the USB communication speed, the board came with the jumper but no plastic connector (black plastic connector to choose which setting i want) to select which setting. I added one myself.

The main problem is that when debugging a code in Codewarrior the communication with the debugger is lost after about 10~20 steps. if i press ignore for the error the debugging continues but skips the step on which the error occurred.

these are the things i tried:
-Running the board form the power adapter/ USB Port.

-Trying the two communication speeds using the jumper j301. Codewarrior always shows a delay of 50 for IO_DELAY_COUNT.

-I tired the P&E unsecure_12.exe utility and the communication works fine so as per P&E's conclusion the hardware is fine.

Running the project board is critical for lab operations.

Thank you.

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