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About MPC8248 USB hardware interrupt

Discussion created by Andrew Chou on Dec 5, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2006 by Simon Marsden
We use the MPC8248 usb controller as a usb host. But I don't know what are the pre-conditions for the usb hardware interrupt to occur.
Firstly,I clear the SIPNR_L[USB] and set the the SIMR_L[USB].And I set he MSR[EE].

Secondly,I set some needed bits(for example,IDLE,RESET,SOF,TXB,TXE1)in USBMR.

Althrough at this time, I haven't registered the ISR with the interruper vector(0b00_1011).

When the borad brings up,and the above conditions are also meet, I think that,if a usb flash disk is inserted to the board, the system should set the SIPNR_L[USB] automatically. Am I true?

If I'm wrong,the software should do something else to let the system set the SIPNR_L[USB].Could you tell me ?