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Softec HCS12 Starter Kit

Discussion created by John Pizzuto on Nov 11, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2006 by John Pizzuto
Anyone else using the Softec PK-HCS12C32 Starter Kit? I can't get it to accept a test program written in assembly.

I opened a new project in CodeWarrior and used the wizard to create an assembly project.

The main.asm file has enough "stationery" code that it should execute as is, so I compiled it.

Click debug in simultor mode, and the simulator runs it.

Change to Softec target mode, then connect the kit to the pc.

Click debug, True-Time simulator says communication error.

Close True-time, open CodeWarrior, open Softec example ADC.mcp. This is a short C program that reads a pot, then outputs that value to LEDs connected to PTB

Compile, click debug, Softec example loads and executes on started kit.


Thanks for any help.