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Newbie Flash Programming Question

Discussion created by Claudio Olmi on Oct 27, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2006 by Tom Thompson
Hi everyone,

I have a CSM12C32 kit and a working assembly program written for the kit in CodeWarrior. I am totally new to Freescale products and I cannot make it work.

My steps:
1. I have installed AxIDE and CodeWarrior v3.1.
2. Created a new project in CW and selected Full Simulation(I think this part might be wrong too).
3. Compiled (with no errors)
4. Tryed AxIDE to burn the s19 file.
At point 4, AxIDE does not find the board. It is connected through the serial port of the computer. I know the serial port is working and the power is connected.
I noticed that the SerialMonitor does not come up when I connect the board to AxIDE. I am wondering if the board flash memory has been erased.

My goal is to write a compiled version of the assembly program into the board flash memory so that the board will always start running the same program at boot.

I am sure I am missing something small, but the kit documentation really does not help.

Thanks in advance,