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Coldfire: Application running from flash, doesn't run on power up but does on reset

Discussion created by David Hearn on Oct 20, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2006 by Tom Thompson
I've got an application running on a LogicPD M5475EVB built with CodeWarrior 6.3. I've selected the ROM target, and successfully flashed the built .ELF file to the boot flash of the board (at 0xFF800000, the start of boot flash).

When I press the master reset button next to the power input the board resets and my application starts.

However, when I remove power from the board and re-apply power, nothing happens (well, my application doesn't start). If I then press the master reset button again, it works.

I know that the dBug and LogicLoader apps work fine from a cold start, so it's not a hardware issue.

The application was generated by CodeWarrior using the stationary for the M5475EVB, with my application being called from main in main.c. I did need to modify the rom.lcf as it tried putting all .bss and .data etc sections into SRAM, whereas due to the amount of RAM I need to use (60MB), I needed it to be in SDRAM. I also found the MCF5475EVB_ROM.cfg file had the wrong memory address for the Bootflash - it had it at 0xFE000000 whereas it's actually at 0xFF800000 - hence I changed that.

Any suggestions as to why my app starts on warm reset (ie. via master reset button switch) but not on cold start (when power applied).



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