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I2C Communication

Discussion created by Pankaj Agrawal on Oct 13, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2012 by Jairo Perez
Hello All,
This is my first email in this forum.
I am using a Demonstration Board for Freescale MC9S08QG8. I am able to communicate with the PC (I made Visual C++ IIC Interface) using the IIC communication protocol. However, I can't understand one thing.
In the True Time Simulator & Real Time Debugger, when I press the (Green Arrow) i.e.Start/Continue (F5), I can communicate with the PC. However, when I am testing the stand alone  (ofcourse after having programmed the micontroller) - I am not able to communicate with the PC. I am using the parallel port of the computer.
Please let me know.