MPC5xx: TurboOSEK - Question to resources + scheduling

Discussion created by Thomas KINTZEL on Oct 6, 2006
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I'm using CodeWarrior V8.1 / Turbo OSEK 2.3 for MPC 5xx. I 've got 2 questions from my current work. I guess that I do not understand something

1) Scheduling in Turbo OSEK

If I have a C - statement with a global integer "data1" like this

   data1 = data1 | 0x01;

The compiler generates from this C code at least 3 assembler operations something like

read data1 to register
modify register
write register to data1

Is it correct to assume that a task switch from OSEK can interrupt the read/modify/write operation?

2) Resources

I want to control the access to memory using a resource.

the access with the 1st and 2nd tasks works as expected. If a third task tries to call "GetResource()" the system crashs with Machine Check Exception 0x200. Is it possible that a ressource can be shared only between two tasks?

If this is helpful: The debuggers shows the current line as

    StatusType OSGetResource( ResourceType resId )


    #endif /* defined(OSRESOURCEISR) */
-->   if (OsRunning->taskId resId->prio )
      { /* or resource with lower priority */
        OSRETERROR( E_OS_ACCESS, OSServiceId_GetResource, resId );


Thanks for your help

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