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trouble programming 908jk3 with cw5 and usbmultilink

Discussion created by Ed Taylor on Sep 30, 2006
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i'm missing something very elementry i'm sure! the code is very simple and disassembles as expected. the programming script runs with no errors. of note, when i go to the memory window and check the reset vector the entire ec00 to ffff shows "rr" for data. if i go to the assembly window it shows the code as written. if i click on the right hand scroll bar the code changes to seemingly random code. the programer is functional as i have programmed some qt4 devices with no problem. what am i doing wrong?
thanks in advance
ed taylor
; export symbols
           XDEF _Startup, main
           INCLUDE derivative.inc
;            INCLUDE MC68HC908JK3.inc ;     'derivative.inc'
           INCLUDE ed.inc
; variable/data section
;MY_ZEROPAGE: SECTION  SHORT         ; Insert here your data definition
RAMStart    EQU  $0080  ; absolute address to place my variables
           ORG   RAMStart
variable1:  RMB 1
           ORG   ROMStart
; code section
_Startup:   rsp
;hardware init
           mov   #%11111111, DDRA      ;porta is not bonded set as outputs
           mov   #%00001100, DDRB      ;portb d7..d4 analog, d3=redled d2 grnled, d1,d0 mono8 interface
           mov   #%00110011, DDRD      ;portd d7,d6 undefined digital inputs, d5,d4 injector drv, d3,d2 analog current monitors d1,d0 unbonded
 ;           bset  3,PTB
 ;          bset  5,PTD
  ;         bset  4,PTD
           LDA   #%00001100
           sta   PTB
           bra *
;            CLI                     ; enable interrupts
           ; Insert your code here
;            feed_watchdog
           BRA    mainLoop
;*                 Interrupt Vectors                          *
 ;            org    $FFDE         ;beginning of QY4/QT4 vectors
;VADC:        fdb    spurious        ;point to alternate vectors
;VKBD:        fdb    spurious
;* There is a gap from $FFE2-FFF1 that is used for user monitor code
            org    $FFF2         ;skip unused vector locations
;VTOF:        fdb    spurious
;VTCH1:       fdb    t1_isr
;VTCH0:       fdb    t0_isr 
;             fdb    $FFFF         ;fill unused location with $FFFF
;VIRQ:        fdb    spurious
;VSWI:        fdb    spurious       ;SWI service routine in Mon08 ROM
             org   $FFFE
VRESET:      fdb    main      ;to start of user code