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compiler lock up "internal error #413 please report to metrowerks"

Discussion created by Jim Pantera on Sep 14, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2006 by Jim Pantera
i have the following compiler for the mc9s08rd60dwe
codewarrior development studio for freescale hc(s)083.1 service pk fsicebase ver2

running on win xp + sp2

in a working and established main.c i add the code "while(1);"

and the compiler locks up and will not complete, it compiles w/o the while statement, and this code is used in several of our products for a year. i am using the while statement as a debug aid. the code does odd things when i place it in other areas of the code but it compiles. in the building screen (i only selected the compile icon) the Stop button has no effect?