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New to CodeWarrior and microcontrollers

Discussion created by Navneeth Prasanna Kumar on Sep 13, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2006 by Navneeth Prasanna Kumar
Hello everyone,
I am very much interested in Embedded systems and microcontrollers. But i do not know how to start!
I have a Motorola M68DEMO908GB60 demo board and the CodeWarrior software. Did read up the tutorial available on this website. I would say i have a good proficiency in C, C++.
Needed help on going about interfacing the Demo kit to the computer( have been supplied with a DB8 serial cable). Also needed help on the Instruction set and coding.... wanted to start off compiling small programs, loading them onto the flash memory and such.
Very much a kid lost in the woods, please help. Thnx:smileyhappy: