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Codewarrior;Test Project.How to generate s19 file? The file I find is both s1 and s2

Discussion created by kenneth wikeroey on Aug 24, 2006
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My mission ;
To make a test program using Codewarrior ,generate an s19 file and
send it via serial line to my Dragon12 board.

I have generated a test project.

- All I did was using the File->New and then the wizard.
- Let all settings in the wizard be as default ,
except I selected 9s12DP256B as CPU
- I also selected 2 targets .....HCS12 Serial Monitor and
Full chip simulation

Then clicking on Make button .

So ,first challenge ....were is the s19 file guess is in Bin
directory ... I wonder which s19 file to send to the board .....

Could it be HCS12_Serial Monitor.abs.s19 ?

It cannot be sendt ; the s0 record is too long ,and it has both s1 and
s2 records ...I need a s19 file with a "normal s0 and only s1 records ...

How do I get that ? Okay I click Help on S records ...

It says set -B option and set SRECORDS=1

But were ? (And which file do I send to the board?) The Help doesnt say
were to put the options.

I must be in Project Settings ? But in that case were ?

Is it under
-Target Settings
-Access Paths
-Build Extras
-File Mappings
-Source Trees
-OSEK Sysgen
-Assembler for...
-Burner for ...
-Compiler for ..
-Importer for ...
-Linker for ..

My guess ..... Nah I give up ...