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Invalid_BP when changing to internal RAM

Discussion created by James Peverill on Aug 15, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2006 by James Peverill
I've been developing an application on the HCS12NE64 eval board. It was running fine using the external memory on that board (the default PRM does not use the 0x2000-0x3FFF internal memory, only 0x400 to 0x1FFF which is mapped to external ram). My application hardware does not have any external ram, so I changed the PRM file to map to internal memory. It compiles/links fine, but when I run the debugger it halts part way through the startup code (specifically in the zero initialization phase) with a "INVALID_BP".

I'm not sure what is happening here. Comparing the .map's from the two different builds shows the only differences being the change in RAM address.

Any ideas?