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CF Flasher Troubles

Discussion created by Gianluca Salvador on Jul 14, 2006
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hi all!
i tried to put colilo in boot-flash (and so erasing DBUG) to avoid the kernel image's download and the net-parameters settings every time. The colilo image has worked from RAM, but NOT from FLASH!!!!!
So now i must restore the DBUG monitor through BDM interface and use CF Flasher... But the CF Flasher seems not work. when i tried to erase the boot flash (i have M5484LITE) it said "could not initialize BDM device".

Do you know why?

My OS is Win2000Professional, the parallel port is setted on "normal" from BIOS, the BDM device is corrected connected (with the 1 pin alligned), and i tried all the jumper's position on the device.
I also installed the P&E Device Drivers, but without results...

Could anyone help me?

Gianluca Salvador