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Error while loading diagnostics algorithm to target system..............

Discussion created by Rekha S on Jul 14, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2007 by Shawn Ricker
I am facing a serious problem while loading the code to MC9S12DP256B controller using P&E USBMULTILINKBDM (Version B). Every now and then I get the below message and the code doesn't get loaded. Some days we could some how manage by again and again trying to load the code. But Some times it stops downloading for weeks together. Right now our project is coming to completion phase and this problem is eating our time. We are not able to proceed. We are not sure if it is the problem with P&E or with our design. It should NOT be a problem with our software I guess. Because when once it stops downloading. Even a empty project doesn't get downloaded.  Please if anyone has come across with the similar kind of problem and recovered or anyone knows a solution for this, help me come out of it.
 Below is the Error message that I get
Non Volatile Memory Control
X  Error while loading diagnostics algorithm to target system.
    The chip may be secured, or the derivative selected may be wrong.
Error message is attached