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Argument passing is displayed wrong in hiwave debugger

Question asked by Florian Achleitner on Jun 29, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2006 by Florian Achleitner

I've discovered an anoying bug in Hiwave debugger for HC08 V6.1. (CW version 5.0 patch 1).
The "Procedure" window displays the current stack trace including the arguments
passed to a called function.
Following the calling convention for HC08 a maximum of 2 bytes is passed in
registers. This is allways the last variable to pass, all the other are passed
on stack.
The debugger only displays arguments passed via stack correctly. The ones
passed in registers show wrong values (normally the pushed return address).
This affects C and C++ functions and also "Data" windows that display e.g. a
passed this-pointer.
Take care when dereferencing this-pointers!

How do i post a bug report?