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Zigbee IRQ causing RS232 Problems

Discussion created by michael coury on Jun 6, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2006 by bigmac
I have a very interesting problem...

I have a gateway module tied to a PC via RS232 @ 115200

I have zigbee messages from no less than 4 devices. These messages are slow to come in (greater than 250 ms in between a message from each device, sometimes seconds) and some are responses to messages sent out.

These messages are converted in the gateway to RS232 @ 115200 and sent to the PC.

The PC in return sends messages over RS232 @ 115200 back to the gateway.

It "APPEARS" that the SMAC masks interrupts at somepoint (my guess when the Zgibee IC is RX'n a message)and the message from the PC to the gateway over RS232 will be missing parts or in some cases, the end of string byte will be missed and the next message will be cacatinated to the first.

My first inclination was to use the RTS and CTS Lines of the RS232 port. I have not been successful getting codwarrior to compile any change to the driver.c file I get a error C2801 missing '}' this is mind blowing, I cannot compie if i add asm("nop"); to the driver.c file... without the ability to assert a RTS break at the start of the interrupt, I have no way to use this method as a solution..

Any ideas?