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Codewarrior USBTAP problem

Question asked by David Cogley on Jun 5, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2014 by Adrian Stoica

I am evaluating the 8349 Freescale processor using the MPC8349E-MDS-PB evaluation board. This evaluation came with the Codewarrior USBTAP with JTAG interface for loading and debugging applications for this microcontroller. I have installed the evaluation Codewarrior Development Studio for PowerPC ISA, Linux Application/Platform Edition v2.6. I have also installed the required ROHS USBTAP update.

On to the problem.. I have created the simple test application in the Codewarrior IDE and configured the Remote Debugging to use the USBTAP. When I choose Debug->Connect I can see the board reset and the connection status proceeds all the way to "Completing connect phase..." then gives me an error:

"JTAG Clock Speed Change Error"
Please check your JTAG clock speed.

Then the error:

"CCSProtocolPlugin: CCS: Network timeout
[Network timeout]

I have tried every "Interface Clock Frequency" under the USBTAP settings and I always get the same error. I have read through the USB TAP users guide and located the section "Setting the Debug Port Clock Frequency" which refers me to the CodeWarrior documentation under which I can not find any information for the USB TAP.

Dave Cogley