MCF5485 Debug

Discussion created by JOEY NELSON on Jun 3, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2006 by John Weil
I've been working on porting dBug and Colilo to the PhyCORE MCF578x board. I noticed that both applications seem to be mis-using the intel flash lock bits. They are treating the unlock as though it is done per block. But it is infact unlocking the entire chip.

But, really it doesn't make sense to be just locking things in all cases. If all of your erase and write routines always unlock each block, then what sense is there locking in the first place.

I'm also looking at rewriting colilo's flash handling to be more portable, and less #ifdef laden. Is colilo being actively developed? I haven't found a project home, or mailing list.

Is there a better Linux boot loader to be using for the MCF578x processors?