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Linux modules debug issues

Discussion created by jose manuel martin bravo on May 23, 2006
Latest reply on May 23, 2006 by jose manuel martin bravo
Hi again.
I'm using a codewarrior 2.6 version, and i'm trying to debug kernel modules.
Kernels was compiled with -ggdb  -O1 CFLAGS and -gdwarf2 AFLAGS.
Module was created using Codewarrior Wizard.
First try: module debug on 2.4. BSP = MPC8272ADS_2.4. Module builded with -ggdb debug flags and related kernel sources are a 2.4.22 kernel. Following instructions gived at Codewarrior Development Studio for powerpc isa Linux targetting manual. I can display modules, but i can't load symbolics. I can't execute load simbolics on linux menu. Dialog seems be deactive.
Looking for modules debug, i founded "codewarrior_Kernel_kernel-module-Debugging_8548LTIB_20051216_BSP_v1.0.pdf" file. Try to debug using method described here. Same results.
Repeated for a kernel version 2.6. Same test, same results: i can't select Linux->load symbolics dialog.
Any ideas?
thanks in advice