Niranjana Murthy

Need info on ColdFire MCF5483 Microcontroller

Discussion created by Niranjana Murthy on May 11, 2006
Latest reply on May 17, 2006 by UK_CF_FAE
Dear all,
We have developing an application "Process control and monitoring over Ethernet" and i selected the microcontroller MCF5483 and decided to use an RTOS we found they are very expensive. Finaly we decided to use embedded linux as OS, I need the infromation on the following points
  1. A multitasking Linux operating system/kernal and compiler for coldfire MCF5483.
  2. We also require firmware components such as drivers, TCP/IP stack, HTTP server, DHCP client (The ability to assign an IP address to the device) and Telnet interface.
  3. Developmental kit for MCF5483 Microcontroller and Compiler.
  4. Programmer.

Please any body suggest me regarding the above.