V Sudhakar B

pemicro usb multilink-hiwave debugger issue

Discussion created by V Sudhakar B on May 10, 2006
Latest reply on May 11, 2006 by Alban Rampon

I'm using a USB multilink Rev A cable for HCS12 to connect to my target (MC9S12Ne64 based). I use the Metrowerks Hiwave debugger as the software interface to download and debug my application.

My problem is that whenever I try to download the application, I get an error - "Communication to ICD-12 failed (ICD-12 is not connected or has no power)".

However, the target is powered on (indicated by the glowing of two LEDs on the P&E usb mulitlink bdm cable). I've installed all necessary drivers too. I've even tried reinstalling the Metrowerks IDE - to no effect.

The problem is very much local to my machine. The support folks at P&E micro feel that the issue has got to be with the software.

What may I be doing wrong? Thank you.