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DEM09S12NE64 Serial Monitor

Discussion created by George Kallin on May 6, 2006
Latest reply on May 18, 2006 by Eric Engler
Have connected the serial MCU port to COM2 on the PC using HyperTerminal to communicate.    When I enter any key the MCU responds with  two non-ascii charaters, which  seem to be an 0xE1 and 0x00, followed by the promt '>'.  I would expect the command does not get processed by the MCU until the 'Enter' is pressed, but the returned 0xE1 error code indicates 'Command Not Recongnized', and it never waits for an enter.  I have downloaded the info describing the Serial Monitor program '' which seems to be very descriptive, but no clue as to what this problem is.

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