Flash used as EEPROM for hardware calibration data.

Discussion created by NICK MATTESON on Apr 28, 2006
Latest reply on May 1, 2006 by NICK MATTESON
Using CW HCS08 special edition on a HCS08AW60 with P&E USB Multilink.
I am trying to store some calibration data that is located in flash from the debugger command line.  I save the data to a s-record using the "save" command, which works.  I then proceed to erase the part and reprogram.  After that I want to use the "srec" command from the command line to program cal data back to flash but it never gets there even though the message on the command line claims to perform the operation successfully.
I put the following command in the "BDM_P&E_Multilink_Cyclone_Pro_Preload.cmd": SAVE 0xF000..0xF7FF CAL_FLASH_DATA.S19.  I put the following command in the "BDM_P&E_Multilink_Cyclone_Pro_Postload.cmd": SREC CAL_FLASH_DATA.S19.
The save works but the srec will not work.  If I then enter "Expert Mode Programmer" from the debugger window (PROGHCS08 programmer), I can store the data from the saved s-record just fine.  The problem is that I want to automate this using the preload and postload command files so it automatically does this for me.
What's the solution?? Why does the "srec" command not work but "save" does??