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Memory mapping MC9S12NE64

Discussion created by See Loo on Apr 10, 2006
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I am using MC9S12NE64.
I am quite confuse with the flash EEPROM mapping. In the MCU address range, the flash is from $4000 - $FFFF whic is only 48K. shouldn't it be 64K flash?
MCU address range
$4000-$7FFF                      unpage $3E
$8000-$BFFF                     $3C, $3D, $3E, $3F
$C000-$FFFF                     unpage $3F
what does it mean by unpage (or non bank), and it seems like the unpage $3E and unpage $3F are sharing the memory location with $3E and $3F of memory$8000 - $BFFF
what is the block relative address?
For the block relative address from $0000-$FFFF ( $3C, $3D, $3E, $3F) = 64K.
but this 64K block relative address is within the MCU address range of 16K ($8000-$BFFF ). I am really confuse.