Martin Dusek

Kinetis K20 - unable to debug

Discussion created by Martin Dusek on Aug 30, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2012 by Martin Nichols


my setup:


Kinetis K20 MK20DX256ZVLQ10 on my own board - only JTAG connector + MCU + 3.3V regulator, nothing else. There ale pull ups on RESET_b and NMI_b pins

Rowley CrossStudio for ARM v 2.2

Rowley CrossConnect Lite JTAG adapter


I'm unable to connect to target, I get "Cannot find debug component from ROM Table" or timeout error message when trying to connect.


I can see MCU restarts itself every 50us (square wave with T = 50 us on RESET_b pin) and it doesn't matter whether JTAG adapter is or is not connected to MCU.


JTAG adapter is working fine with another MCU (NXP LPC2138).


Please can you help?