Catch a write to PPAGE

Discussion created by sebasira on Aug 10, 2012
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Hi all!


I'm having this problem, sometimes, my application freezes... Like if it has jump to and invalid address or something like that. I couldn`t find a condition that always causes this, and it's very difficult for me to find. But I've notice that, in HiWave, everytime it happens, PPAGE = 9


So I guess I could set a watchpoint on PPAGE address (0x0030 on my HCS12A256), with the condition _PPAGE == 0x09. 


The porblem is that no matter what condition I put, the MCU seems to be running very slowly. Maybe it is because it checks the condition permanently and the application come and go from one page to another. I mean, it runs because whe I halted it stops in different places of my code. The problem is that keyboard (IRQ) is not responding.


Is there other way I can see why (and when) PPAGE values changes to 9?


As said befores, I'm using HCS12A256 and CW4.6


Thanks in advance