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P4080 SEC 4.0 Issue

Question asked by Kui Zhou on Jul 27, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2012 by Rick Cooper

Hi there,


I met a P4080 SEC 4.0 issue which made me very confused. I'd be very appretiated if anyone could help.


The SEC 4.0 driver I used was downloaded from the Freescale web site and I just added some interface files in the attached "sec_interface.c" file to fit driver into our firmware. Files in the driver are not touched. The operationg system is vxWorks 6.8.


My usage of SEC 4.0 is very simple:-

    - Enqueue a request to SEC job queue to do Kasumi ciphering

    - Wait until the operation is done, then dequeue the ciphering result.


The above steps are implemented in one function called "kasumi_f8" which is in the attached "sec_interface.c" file. This function could be called by two simultaneously running tasks on two different CPU cores very frequently. Sometimes, the ciphering operation is never done and kasumi_f8 will enter dead loop intermittently. After some investigation, it turns out that the ISTAR of the job queue indicates that the JRE bit is set and ERR_TYPE is 0b1000 which means "Removed too many jobs".


Then I wrote a function below to check the error and try to do the recover. This function is called at the beginning of "kasumi_f8", and count the times of recovering. It seems that this function recovers the SEC several times successfully, and I never met the issue after running the test for more than 24 hours.


However, I could not understand what caused the SEC error. Does anyone encounter the same issue?



Zhou Kui


#define ISTAR_JRE_BITMAP  0x2

t_Error SEC_JQ_Check_Recover(t_Handle h_SecJq)
   uint32_t orsfr_val;
   t_SecJq* p_SecJq = (t_SecJq*)h_SecJq;


   if (GET_UINT32(p_SecJq->p_MemMap->jq.istar) & ISTAR_JRE_BITMAP)
      /* JRE is set, Job Ring Error. Flush the Job Queue */

      /* Check if the Flush is completed */
      while ((GET_UINT32(p_SecJq->p_MemMap->jq.istar) & ISTAR_HALT_BITMAP)
             == 0x4)
         /* Not completed, need to empty the job queue to keep the flush
          * running until it completes. */
         orsfr_val = GET_UINT32(p_SecJq->p_MemMap->jq.orsfr);
         if (orsfr_val != 0)
            WRITE_UINT32(p_SecJq->p_MemMap->jq.orjrr, orsfr_val);

      /* Check if the Flush is completed again */
      if ((GET_UINT32(p_SecJq->p_MemMap->jq.istar) & ISTAR_HALT_BITMAP)
          != 0x8)
         /* Fatal error, we don't know what to do */
         return E_JRE_NOT_RECOVERED;
      /* Empty the job queue if there is any completed job left */
      orsfr_val = GET_UINT32(p_SecJq->p_MemMap->jq.orsfr);
      if (orsfr_val != 0)
         WRITE_UINT32(p_SecJq->p_MemMap->jq.orjrr, orsfr_val);
      /* Resume the job queue, and clear the error bits */
      WRITE_UINT32(p_SecJq->p_MemMap->jq.istar, 0xa);
      return E_JRE_RECOVERED;
      return E_OK;